Birthed through the idea of a skate community splitting up into teams, indirectly competing, and creating something tangible for the rest of the community to uphold… “Zine Thing Challenge” was brought to us by 35th North and Thrasher Magazine.

Teams were given two Kodak disposable Fun Saver cameras, and two weeks to shoot. The only photos allowed, were those shot with the finicky drug store cameras. After development, each team had two weeks to design and create their zines. Each team was required to have one interview, one essay or editorial and a fake ad.

Every zine represents a different branch of the Seattle skate scene, and the tree is looking healthy. Honored to have been included, and excited for the next round. Thank you to Tony, from 35th North for putting this together. Thrasher for supporting it. Jake, Brendan, Justin, and Brandin. Everybody involved in our zine and anybody who enjoyed it.

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Unused and behind the scenes photos by Jake Alexander and Leo Banuelos.